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The Dublin SEO Company is one of the top SEO companies in Dublin. Whether you are an in-house SEO expert searching for an SEO agency in Dublin, or you own or manage an SEO company in Dublin that is looking for SEO reseller services to support SEO projects, contact our team today!

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Why Choose Us Above Other SEO Agencies in Dublin?

The Dublin SEO Company is operated by a team of SEO experts with almost two decades of hands-on experience delivering SEO strategies worldwide, and that is hard to find! We have managed successful SEO services in Dublin and beyond for 1,000+ SEO campaigns covering every niche you can imagine and targeting various geographically targeted audiences.

We’re An SEO Company In Dublin Using The Three Pillars of SEO

Delivering our clients successful search engine optimisation services is only achievable if our team covers the core “three pillars of SEO“. Dublin has numerous SEO companies offering organic digital marketing services with promises of taking over the world but sadly delivering nothing but empty promises, and this is where our specialist Dublin SEO team significantly differs from our peers = we pre-qualify all projects so we can provide Pay on Performance SEO services that adhere to the Three Pillars of SEO which we have explained below in detail:

1. Technical SEO Audit

At its core, the organic search engine optimisation process is either launched with the initial focus on the solid structural integrity needed for successful SEO strategy or (sadly) is already destined to fail due to SEO audits delivered by agencies lacking knowledge of the technical foundations required to perform on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Some of the areas covered in technical SEO audits compiled by Dublin SEO agencies give detailed SEO tasks, such as the following snapshots taken from our technical SEO audit:

Site Technology And Website Architecture Auditing
Seo Company In Dublin Specialising In Seo Audits
Website Relevancy Review
Website Relevancy Seo Services Auditing
Google Search Console + Google Analytics Audits & Action Plan
Google Search Console Seo Company Analysis

2. Content Relevancy: Our Dublin SEO Experts Create Content That Ranks

Seo Content Relevance From Search Query To User Intent

There is no question about the need to invest in your content, and you will not succeed unless you strive to be the most relevant and obvious standout page content relevancy and quality. Areas that must be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Target keywords being relevant to your target audience
  • Search intent to internet users related to your content
  • Search volume to ensure an increase in organic traffic once search rankings appear on the first page
  • Structured data opportunities used to the full
  • Usability and conversion optimisation focused
  • And more (and yes, having the best content marketing on-page strategy does improve your Google Ads quality score!)

No SEO agency in Dublin should be taken seriously without suggested improvement for content relevancy, and it is simply impossible to rank without it! Search engines rank web pages in top positions on the first page because they deserve it, and online business marketing to drive organic traffic has a talent requirement in any SEO team that is of significantly high priority.

3. Authority Building With High-Quality Backlinks

Seo Agency In Dublin That Builds Quality Backlinks

No SEO agency in Dublin is performing without focusing on high-quality backlinks being built to promote the relevance (SEO Content) we generate during pillar 2. SEO progress dries up without the hard work being done to generate authoritative and relevant backlinks, with the primary objective of generating more overall external backlink authority than the top-ranking competitors for your target keyword groups.

Link Building Strategies Boost SEO Solutions in 2024

The link building services an SEO agency needs to have in its war chest must be highly diversified and can include such tactics as:

  • Guest posting as a regular contributor on niche-specific blogs gives your authorship more credibility in your space, along with the benefits of guest posting sites potentially referring traffic relevant to your target audience and the highly desired benefit of passing authority to your website via links from your contributions.
  • Blogger outreach to find quick win content marketing placements on niche relevant websites looking for content gaps to be filled and possibly even needing relevant content to point a link to within existing blog material (aka Niche Edit).
  • Press release submissions to ensure the latest internal news and updates may be picked up by journalists writing for local and national news sites
  • Social profile building uses stacking techniques to harvest maximum external link authority from the web’s highest authority domains which are long-term and stable link assets.
  • Niche forum contributions are a great way to not only create fast, relevant high-quality backlinks to your content but also garner greater readership from relevant users seeking local businesses like yours.
  • Local and niche directory link building is another solid area to focus efforts on, but with the focus being on quality over quantity, consistency of your NAP (name, address, and phone number), and the overall quality of each potential placement in search results. These can influence your local search engine optimisation and Google business profile in the three-pack listings.
  • And many more – any solid internet marketing strategy that generates long-term organic traffic cannot rely on only 1-2 tactics to survive. Digital marketing agencies offering organic search engine optimisation to their clients must have an exhaustive list of proven link building tactics to deliver results.

Affordable SEO Services In Dublin

Small Business SEO Services in Dublin Starting at €500/Month

Pay On Performance SEO Services: Pricing POA

Monthly SEO Dublin & Ireland-Wide: Pricing from €1,000/Month To €10,000+/Month

The Dublin SEO Company FAQs

As an SEO agency, we carry out search engine optimisation. We use on-page and off-page SEO solutions and strategies to increase the ranking of websites on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and increase organic traffic.

The pricing for SEO in Ireland can vary markedly depending on which SEO services are required to enable a website to improve rankings and place higher on SERPs. DSG SEO service pricing starts at around €1,000 per month and can run up to €10,000+.

Google is constantly moving the target when it comes to optimising a website, and it takes considerable skill and knowledge to perfect all the moving parts. You can do certain things to improve the SEO of your business online, but you risk falling foul of Google penalties if and when you get it wrong. Professional digital marketing services will ensure that the job gets done correctly and will ultimately increase your website’s organic traffic and visibility.

The 3 types of SEO are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. The on-page SEO deals with everything from blogs, products and web copy. Off-page SEO includes anything away from a website, such as building backlinks and social media marketing. And finally, the technical SEO will consist of anything technical that gets undertaken to optimise site indexing.

At DSG, for several reasons, we consider ourselves to be leading the pack when it comes to SEO services in Ireland. We have been in operation for over a decade and have been delivering consistent results for our clients. We have experience in working across multiple industries and delivering projects on time. Whether you need a site audit, content, or link-building services, Digital Search Group has a highly skilled team able to provide effective SEO solutions for your business.

Some SEO solutions can have an immediate effect, whilst others can take weeks. There are multiple tactics and strategies used during an SEO strategy. New keyword-rich content can be created within days, uploaded and get indexed by Google, and backlinks can be acquired and delivered within 30 days.

There are SEO solutions that you could implement yourself, although you need to be very careful, as the last thing you want to do is find yourself on the end of a Google penalty. Search engine optimisation is complex, and many moving parts must line up to meet the requirements of search engines. SEO isn’t a one-and-done process and requires constant attention as Google continually updates its algorithm and moves the goalposts for SEO.

Many SEO agencies will promise the earth. and deliver far less, so it’s crucial that you do your homework and find an agency that can deliver proof of previous SEO campaigns that they have worked on. Ask for examples of their work so that you can see what they are capable of producing. Do they provide eCommerce SEO services, local SEO services, or the services that you need? We feel it’s also very important that you have a transparent business relationship with an agency as you will be working closely together towards a common goal.